🗨️ Hello! I'm Hidayatullah, a multidisciplinary Geodesy based in Bandung. With over 3 years of experience, I thrive at the intersection of Surveying Expert, Geographic Information System, and other Relations about Geospatial. My passion lies in solving problems with many method and never feeling perfect with the achievement I have so that always research.

    💼 Experience

    GIS Analyst - Ministry of Public Works | March 2024 - Present

    • Analyze the relationships in Water Data Geospatial and compile them as needed by the Ministry.
    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to create solutions for spatial problems across the Directorate related to Water Data Geospatial.
    • Coordinate with various people to provide map viewpoints, especially for Water Data Geospatial, assets, and other water resource location features.

    GIS Assistant - Ministry of Public Works | November 2021 - May 2022

    • Analyze, survey, verify, and validate all Kota Tanpa Kumuh locations to produce a map and WebGIS.
    • Developed thematic Kota Tanpa Kumuh maps with Kartograph, specializing in this discipline.
    • Developed the thematic Kota Tanpa Kumuh WebGIS using ArcGIS Online with Kartograph specialist discipline, serving dynamic scale through generalization methods.

    Coordinator - National Land Agency | November 2020 - May 2021

    • Coordinate with various third-party workspaces regarding the framework and standards for Juridical Land Measurement Maps with 5% validation.
    • Reported a QC document as a consultant by many officers at the sub-area national land agency.

    Surveyor - Geospatial Agency | May 2019 - December 2019

    • Survey and Data Process GNSS Tools for LiDAR Calibration, Ground Control Point, Base Trajectory Plane.
    • Reported a logbook, site description, and finance usage.
    🎓 Education

    Bachelor of Geodesy Engineer - ITENAS, Bandung | 2019

    • Graduated with Honors
    • Relevant coursework: Surveying Topographic and GNSS, Data Process with Least Square or Bowditch, Map Projection and Generalization, Layout and WebGIS MS4W.
    🚀 Projects

    "Feature Locations" Thematic

    • A research project using the Django Framework and Standard Design to show location and relation in a thematic table.
    • Role: Research
    • Tools: Apache, Django, PostgreSQL – PostGIS


    "Point Locations" CRUD Database

    • A research project using PHP MySQL without a framework, following standard design practices to show location and relation thematic tables.
    • Role: Research
    • Tools: XAMPP, GeoPHP


    "Wordpres Developers" – Freelance

    • A complete branding project for many organizations includes WordPress setup, domain and hosting recommendations, website styling, page creation, sitemap development, posts, and various plugins.
    • Tools: VPS/Hosting PHP MariaDB
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